The Arts - Junior Campus


Drama is one of the oldest and most influential art forms. It brings people together through the telling of stories, enabling participants to combine interpersonal skills with intrapersonal awareness. At 鶹Ӱ, the Drama and Theatre Studies programs provide great inspiration and enrichment for students. It gifts them with practical and communication skills that can be applied to life beyond the classroom.

All students in Year 7 undertake Drama as part of their core curriculum, teaching the foundations of theatre and performance, and developing students in their self-confidence and working as a part of a team to reach a common goal. In the middle – senior years Theatre Studies is offered and can be selected as an elective in Years 9 – 10 and as a VCE subject in both Years 11 and 12.

Media Arts

Kurnai students develop an appreciation of film and are introduced to the elements and principles of narrative and cinematography. Students explore a range of film genres and research their historical significance and aim to represent certain film techniques in their own productions. They develop production design plans and become familiar with storyboarding and planning for production. Students practise, plan and produce media artworks, developing and refining media production skills to create images, sounds and text that represent story and genre.

Music Program

This program caters for students with mixed abilities and interests, whilst providing numerous learning and performance opportunities. Tuition is available for a broad range of instruments, covering all popular woodwind, brass, percussion and stringed instruments. Students enrolled in 鶹Ӱ Music are timetabled for classes and band rehearsals. College Music regularly performs at a variety of venues and events including Kurnai Idol, College Soirees and concerts, the “On The Road Again” Primary Schools tour as well as numerous community events. 鶹Ӱ Music course is designed to assist students for possible pathways into Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and Vocational Education & Training (VET) music courses.

Visual Arts Program

This program allows students to explore a variety of art mediums including painting, drawing, sculpture and print making. Students develop skills specific to the manipulation of each and are able to confidently create final outcomes to suit project briefs. Students explore the art world and develop skills in art appreciation and interpretation as well as analysis and comparison. Junior school Visual Arts aims at exposing students to as many aspects of the art world as possible with the goal of preparing them for future Visual Arts pathways.

Visual Communications

Kurnai students develop skills in technical drawing, surface rendering and idea generation. Students gain a deeper understating of the design process and develop an appreciation of the role design plays in our current society. Students develop skills in responding to design briefs and work on refining the design process for a variety of design problems while working towards producing creative outcomes.