Chris Anstee

In 2010 Chris started his own recruitment business, Cornerstone HR which now employs more than 1000 people at any one time. Reflecting on his time at 鶹Ӱ, Chris said “my years at Kurnai and growing up in Gippsland definitely played a significant role in my development as a person. As they say, ‘you can take the boy out the country but not the country out the boy’”. “I loved the friendships I formed, some of those I have reconnected with in recent times. I enjoyed the sports aspect of the school, playing basketball, cricket, football and soccer at lunchtime daily,” he said. “I can honestly say there wasn’t much I didn’t like. Kurnai played a part in shaping me as a person today, it definitely helped form resilience which has proven to be an integral trait in my business. I have lots of fond memories of the school that I will forever cherish.” When asked if he had any advice for our current Kurnai Students, Chris said, “be a good person”.